In our fast paced, utilitarian age why do we need it?

After over a combined 35 years working in the arts field, Ari and Lauren believe that art is one of the most important experiences of life. It helps express thought and feeling. It influences our mental and emotional health, and it can enrich our environment. When one creates art, it brings together maths, sciences, history, literature, and etc. What's more is by using your hands with physical materials be it clay, paint, graphite, tattoo, etc, the tactile nature of those materials combined with their inherent nature creates beneficial knowledge and understanding of how to manipulate them to realize your vision in a corporeal form.


Now, how did 7 Whales Studio get started?

Well, the 2020 pandemic happened, and Lauren and Ari began watching "The Great Pottery Throwdown" on BBC through HBO. The incredible positivity of the show inspired Lauren to buy a low-cost pottery wheel off of Amazon. Ari and Lauren began throwing pots in their garage in February of 2022, and by April of the same year they had formed 7 Whales Studio LLC. 

7 Whales Studio began as primarily pottery, however both Lauren and Ari practice many different mediums including painting, sculpting, drawing, tattoo, and etc. Naturally, 7 Whales Studio has grown to include them. In addition, Ari's mother Elvira Guerra is an amazing photographer and Ari and Lauren have helped her with the process of showing her work, and given her a platform from which to do that. 

7 Whales Studio is focused on bringing art in its various forms to every household, because art is good for the soul.